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Reality of Chatbots in Mental Health Support- Fact or Myth

Mental Health Support- Fact or Myth
Published on September 21, 2023 by Josh
Reality of Chatbots in Mental Health Support- Fact or Myth
With the advancement of technology a huge surge has been observed in the use of Artificial Intelligence and chatbots. People are now using  chatbots in mental health support. Although, it helps a lot in improving the mental health of any person but it should also be noted that it is just a feature of Artificial Intelligence and not the alternative of professional therapy.

Chatbots In Mental Health Support - Main Features

A chatbot can be helpful for improving the mental health of human beings in various ways and some of them are given below.

Provide Emotional Help

A chatbot can be a good source of emotional help. The best thing about chatbot is that it is a non-judgmental platform and anyone can easily share his thoughts and problems with it without any fear of judgmental behavior.

It listen your thoughts and issues with great interest and provides you with the best possible suggestions.  When we feel emotionally broken we need instant response from anyone who can give us proper time to fasten our healing process so, chatbots can be a good option in these circumstances. 

Source Of Education Regarding Mental Health 

Chatbots are a good source of education about the problems and solutions of mental health. It has vast data enough to provide you information regarding;  

Mental health conditions


Countering ways

Self-support methods

With the help of all this information one can easily understand the possible solutions to the mental health problems and make it his habit to avoid these issues in future. 

Suggest Relaxation therapies  

Various chatbots suggest some techniques and therapies that promote mindfulness and mental peace. These therapies include,   

Deep breathing  

Various exercises  

Meditation techniques etc 

These exercises and therapies help us reduce our depression, anxiety, stress and mental fatigue. It also helps us achieve a great sense of calmness and well-being. 

Easy tracking of mood patterns and swings

A chatbot can easily track your mood swings and behavior patterns. It can answer you accordingly to ease your tension and anxiety. When it regularly talks to you and asks you about your mental health and emotional state,

it understands your feelings and the things that trigger your anxiety and anger. It avoids those topics that trigger your mood swings and focus on those conversations that make you feel happy.  

Refer a good therapist  

Chatbots are such useful tools that they can provide proper information about competent therapists, mental health facilities, and toll free numbers of such facilities, help lines, and other support groups.

It can provide you the links of useful websites, directories, and research works of various influential mental health practitioners to help you get insight of the solutions to mental health problems. 

Complete Privacy  

Many people avoid discussing their mental health issues with any other person due to the fear of privacy breach. Contrary to this chatbots are designed in such a way that they ensure cent percent privacy.

The data is not shared with any party which makes it comfortable for the client to share his thoughts and feelings regarding his mental health problems. Moreover, there is no doubt of discrimination while chating with a chatbot as it is a tool of artificial intelligence and it doesn't favor one over the other.

A Non-threatening virtual platform  

People having mental health issues mostly own such thoughts that can give rise to a conflict. This conflict of thoughts and ideas are more prone to physical meetings. Due to this fear some people refrain from discussing their issues and thoughts with others.

Contrary to this chatbots are virtual platforms where there is no risk of conflict of thoughts. It ensures smooth conversation by giving due attention to the client and then responding in an appropriate and humble way. This humble approach helps the client a lot in overcoming his mental health issues. 

Evaluation and Feedback  

Chatbots are capable enough of tracking the data communicated with the user and use it as an effective tool of feedback and evaluation. It notices all the trigger points and soft corners to help the user manage his mood swings and behavior patterns. Chatbots help the user in taking well defined decisions to avoid any conflict of thoughts in his mind. These valuable insights provided by the chatbots are used by the users to mold their mental health towards a positive end and avoid any problem.

Early diagnosis and prevention  

Another amazing feature of chatbots is that they can clearly identify any response by the user which diverts from the normal approach. Chatbots then monitor the scenario by observing the response in further conversations.

If it finds that the response of users is influenced by his mental health issues, it carefully and humbly informs the user and suggests him to take a professional help. This early intervention can help the user in fighting his mental health problems properly and timely. 


Despite all the above mentioned benefits of using chatbots in mental health support, it shouldn't be taken as a professional support. Despite the consultation from a mental health specialist is mandatory to find the root cause of the problem and then treating it accordingly.

Chatbots can only be taken as a emotional support and non judgemental friend which is always here to respond you and support you in your tough times. Moreover, you can get suggestions from the chatbots during your therapies with the therapist. However the suggestions demanded shouldn't be of critical nature as the professional consultant is the only option for your critical problems.
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